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"i got this" - Kenny Wyland

This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Eye of the Tiger

I've got my brand new iPod Shuffle all loaded with music and it went out on it's first trip running! Fabulous success, woo! I don't have an arm strap for it yet and I didn't have any pockets to put it in, so I just slipped it in the waist band of my workout pants. Funny thing is... it slipped through and was just dangling next to my hip, but its so light I didn't notice. The website says it weighs the same as a AA battery, but I've compared and I believe it's lighter than a AA. :)

Did 2 miles again, ran most of it, had to slow down to a jog for maybe 1/2 a mile. I also tried to add on some pushups and situps after I got home. Either I'm a huge suck bag (for a guy who likes to think he's a martial artist), or I was exhausted from the run. I was only able to do 25 pushups and 25 situps. I realize that for a lot of people, those can be excellent numbers especially after running 2 miles, but I want to do better than that. I will do better than that tonight. Maybe I can make a deal with a local butcher and I can run through his shop punching slabs of beef....

Current weight: Still 230 lbs. At least I'm consistant.

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