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Catching up

It's been awhile since I posted, so let's play some catch-up.

School has been going fairly well. I had 2 of my 3 midterms last week with my last midterm coming up this Saturday. Anatomy and Physiology I got a strong B on, Fundamentals of Oriental Medicine I got a strong A. W00t! Herbology is coming up this Saturday, but I'm not too worried about it. So far, it's a hippie class. *snickers* The hardest part will be the vocabulary, the rest of it is fairly generic info that we've at least touched on in Fundamentals of Oriental Medicine already. Remembering the english, latin AND chinese for many parts of a plant may prove challenging, but I had a couple of classmates over on Sunday for some studying and I think it was productive. Good times.

Saturday was a busy day. My Herbology class headed down to Chinatown for a field trip! Dia (our teacher) showed us around to some cool book stores and the biggest herb store in Chinatown. I bought a couple of herbs that aren't sold outside of Chinese stores and Dia gave me a quick run down of what they are good for, etc. All stuff that doesn't require a great deal of knowledge. They are harmless, but can help out with minor aches or pains. After some wandering and shopping, we got Dim Sum... good times. The steamed pork dumplings call to me.... I don't know the proper pinyin, but the pronounciation goes something like Cha Sher Bao. Yummy!

After that, I WoW'd a little bit (of course) and then headed down to Kyle's new place for a house warming party. I got to see some peeps that I haven't seen in _years_ and I got to meet some really cool new people. :)

An excellent weekend.

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