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Good Christian Assassination

Apparently, Pat Roberts has suggested on his nationally televised show The 700 Club that the US military should assassinate the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

Robertson on the Christian Broadcast Network's "The 700 Club" on Monday: "We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability." "We don't need another US$200 billion war to get rid of one, you know, strong-arm dictator," he continued. "It's a whole lot easier to have some of the covert operatives do the job and then get it over with."

Chavez has emerged as one of the most outspoken critics of U.S. President George W. Bush, accusing the United States of conspiring to topple his government and possibly backing plots to assassinate him.

U.S. officials have called the accusations ridiculous.

"You know, I don't know about this doctrine of assassination, but if he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it," Robertson said. "It's a whole lot cheaper than starting a war ... and I don't think any oil shipments will stop."

I certainly hope the people watching his show see this is wrong. This isn't ANY different than a Muslim Cleric preaching to his congregation to encourage them to commit bombings or other kinds of terrorism. I don't get it, how can Robertson not see that he is doing that EXACT thing.

I'm not a viewer of The 700 Club, never have been, never will be... but if I was in charge of that network, he would be SO fired.

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