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Worst. Class. Ever.

Last night was my first Herb Pharmacopeia 1 class. There are 4 of these classes and I've been told they are the hardest classes in the program. I think I know why now... because all of the students suffer brain death in the middle of class.

At the beginning of class, the professor handed out these booklets that she's made which contain distilled information about the herbs we are going to learn about in the class. What they are used to treat, what organs they affect, taste, temperature, etc.

Then, in a barely audible and monotone voice, she proceeds to just read the booklet to us for 3 hours. She sat at her little desk and didn't move other than to read.

I really don't know what to do. If she was providing us the book as a reference and discussing the herbs, that would be fine... but she's just reading the text in front of us.. as if I can't read it on my own.

If the other Pharmacopeia classes are like this, I'm not exactly sure how I'm ever going to be an herbalist.

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