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Hardcore WoW Addict speaks out

A buddy at work forwarded me this blog entry from an officer in a hardcore WoW raiding guild.

It's got the standard stuff in it about lots of time spent and wasted, etc, but the most interesting part to me was how he felt like an enabler for the other people who he watched ruin their lives because of their addiction.

As a recovering WoW addict myself, I don't think it's the game's fault. It really is the individual's personal problems that is the source of the problem. WoW just provides a very easy escape mechanism so you don't have to think about the problems. It makes you feel good while you accomplish things, etc.

The eastern perspective is interesting too. Granted, I'm still new at this and could be misapplying the concepts I've learned, but I feel fairly confident in this psuedo-diagnosis. From a 5 Element perspective, the Wood (or the Liver) creates Fire and destroys Earth (the Spleen). The destruction cycle of the 5 elements balances the creation cycle which provides a dynamic balance. The Liver (wood) is made healthy and strong by physical movement and activity. Sitting in front of computer for hours and hours (he types while sitting in front of a computer for hours and hours) will make your Liver sick and it will start to misbehave. This sick behavior can come in the form of an overactive destructive force on the Earth element (the Spleen). This overacting on the Spleen will cause it to become sick as well, and the Spleen is the source of things like obsession, addiction, etc. So, the Spleen gets weak and you become addicted, so you spend more time playing WoW, which hurts your Liver more, cycles again at your Spleen.

I know that at the height of my WoW obsession, I was also incredibly agitated and would get very angry or frustrated about things in game. Anger and frustration are in the domain of the Liver, so it all makes a very neat little package from the Eastern perspective.

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