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House Work

I've been doing my best to step aside from WoW and do productive things as much as I can (which isn't a ton, but I'm getting better). My focus has been to fix up the living room into a space where I can entertain and/or lounge and watch some TV. To that end, I need a good couch and a good TV. I have an old couch out in the garage which is a good but the cushions are pretty dirty so I decided to sew some new cushions and a new slip cover and refurbish the couch on my own.

So I went to the fabric store... They didn't have cushion stuffing, but I got the fabric and figured I'd get the stuffing the next day.

Marked it up using some patterns I made from butcher paper...

Artemis helped a lot...

All sewn together, just needs to be turned right-side out...

... and now turned in right-side out.

Here's the problem. I went to the store the next day to get cushion stuffing and found how that it is remarkably expensive. In fact, for the cost of the cushion stuffing and the fabric just for the cushions (not even counting the slip cover) I could buy a whole new couch. *sigh*

Next project was lighting. There were several light fixtures that I took down during repainting. That was 3 months ago or more. The living room has been without much light and my bedroom was missing the light above the stairs so when I'm heading up to bed at night, I have to fumble through the dark to find the remote that turns on the ceiling fan lamp.

Fixed! Here is the new light I installed above the stairs:

Here is one of fixtures I put up in the living room ceiling..

Proof that it works!

There is a problem with the final fixture, but Tom is coming over on Sunday to help me out with it.

While I've been working inside the house, I've had landscapers working outside the house to clear away all of the crappy and dying plants, install some sprinkers and new grass and plants.

Cleared away the crap...

The crap...

Cleared out the backyard as well...

Looking forward to having the whole thing fixed up nice.

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