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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

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Virtually Brand New Look

In WoW, I've been playing my Paladin a lot. Her name is Feta and since hitting 70, she's been getting random bits of cool gear. Blizzard was smart when they put these pieces together, because even though they aren't an official set, they visually match!

Feta is starting to look a little scary now...

The other change is with my Holy Priest, Umyang. I don't play her much anymore except when I need her herbalism skills farming Motes of Life. It's a really slow process farming lots of kills with her since she's Holy spec'd, which means she's designed for healing, not fighting. So, I decided to make a change...

So, Umyang has left the Um for the Yang and is a Shadow Priest now. I went back out into Zangarmarsh and continued killing. I was able to kill things two to three times faster as expected. I continued my killing spree and just before I was done I suddenly realized something.

Mind Flay is a power that you get by spec'ing Shadow. You can get it at level 20 which is Rank 1 which does about 84 points of damage. As you level, it gets upgraded Rank 2, 3, etc. The highest rank for Umyang's level does about 800 points of damage... 10x as much as Rank 1.

When you respec and pick up a new power like that, you still have to repurchased all of the upgrade Ranks... which.... I forgot to do. So, I was getting two to three times faster killing... while using Mind Flay Rank 1. Good times. /facepalm

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