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Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?

Last night I walked down to the local movie theatre, unsure what I wanted to see and found Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? It is the latest documentary from Morgan Spurlock the creator of Super Size Me.

It was a fantastic documentary, as I have come to expect from Morgan. I've enjoyed both of his documentaries I've seen and his TV show.

The basic premise is that he's about to have his first child and is worried about all the dangers in the world and decides to do what he can to find the Most Wanted Man in the World.... Osama bin Laden. He travels throughout the Middle East interviewing people and seeing the situation first hand. He gets into a couple of scary situations, he talks with a lot of people who support bin Laden and a lot who hate him. I have to say that the government and authority imposed oppression in Saudi Arabia was the scariest part. I've heard many times that Saudi Arabia is bad and they are one of our best friends... but damn. I didn't understand just how bad it is.

One of the funniest people he interacted with was this old man in Afghanistan... this is pretty close to the interaction:

Morgan: Do you know where Osama bin Laden is?

Old Man: I don't know who that is.

Morgan: He's the man who flew several planes into buildings in America on 9/11.

Old man: Oh, him. Fuck him.... and fuck America.

It's funny. It's scary. It's insightful.

I highly recommend it.

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