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Video Games are Serious Business

A lot of the time I spend playing World of Warcraft is spent raiding (playing with a group of 24 other people and doing really difficult/complex dungeons). It requires skilled players who can work together well and thankfully the people I play with are! They are a lot of fun as well, good people.

Getting people to work together requires a leader. Since 25 people are involved though, it's a little much for 1 person to handle. Our raid leader has a couple people to help coordinate everyone... and as of this weekend I am one of those people.

I've been asked to be in charge of coordinating/leading all of the magical damage dealers in the group! I'm excited about the idea of it, but I am going to be careful with it. I have seen this kind of psuedo leadership stuff causes drama problems in groups. However, that very reason is why the raid leader asked me to help out because even though I can be a jerk to people, I actually do have lots of people skillz can also be very political when placed in situations that require it (usually in supervisory types, when I'm the follower I still tend to be brutally honest).

So, I'm going to give this a try. If it begins to detract from my enjoyment of the game, then I'll back out and just go back to being player-at-large. I wasn't sure that I ever really wanted to get into this type of position, despite being told on numerous occasions that I'd make a good raid leader, but right now I'm sort of missing the passion for other things in life. I'm not excited about school, I'm not excited about working (I've been doing small freelance work), but I'm actually excited about World of Warcraft and the accomplishments that I'm a part of within. So, I figure if I'm passionate about this I might as well nuture it and see if I can spark up the fire in other areas of my life. Let's see what happens.

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