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McCain lies to David Letterman, Letterman is pissed

McCain was scheduled to appear on David Letterman today, but cancelled the appearance. Ok, no big deal. John McCain, having appeared on Letterman many times, called David Letterman personally to explain that he had to cancel. McCain's reason? He was suspending his campaign and getting on a plane immediately to fly to Washington to work on the financial crisis.

First, suspending his campaign is stupid and Letterman rightly points out that it's fine for McCain to go do what he needs to do, but why suspend the campaign when Palin could continue campaigning? Letterman's belief, like mine, is that McCain knows that Palin doesn't have what it takes.

Ok, so suspending the campaign is a whack decision, but why is Letterman actually upset? McCain told him personally on the phone that he couldn't do the interview because he was getting on a plane to Washington..... but then McCain went on CBS News and did an interview with Katie Couric.... 2 blocks away... while Letterman was taping. Letterman was so ticked, he actually grabbed the internal video feed and tossed it up on screen so you could see McCain getting make-up done for his interview with Couric.

I don't watch Letterman, but from the comments early in the show, he appears to love McCain. Letterman has endless great things to say about McCain... but this move REALLY ticked Letterman off.

I just posted about McCain floudering. He needs to appear as if he's doing something to fix the economy. Appearing on Letterman in the midst of this would have appear frivolous and McCain is already getting kicked in the jimmy right now. So, McCain's response is to lie to Letterman. It's so frakking stupid. Why is the truth so poisonous?

How about... "Hey Dave, it's John. I need to head to Washington and I've only got time to give one interview. I'm really sorry to cancel so close to my appearance, but I need to do this interview with Couric before I leave. I promise I'll come back and appear on your show as soon as I can."

What's so hard about that? I just came up with that off the top of my head. Letterman appears to love McCain, I can't imagine he would have taken any offense to that at all. It would have been true, it would have been respectful. What is wrong with McCain? Why can't he just be truthful?

Here are the relevant clips from the Letterman episode, about 9 mins total.

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