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"Photography is the best lie I know."

Tonight I attended the first meeting of my Basic Photography class! I'm stoked, it looks like it is going to be awesome. The teacher is a 66 year old coot who started in photography when he was 19 years old and in Vietnam. He had some choice quotes throughout the night and I tried to jot them down. The subject of this entry is one of them!

The structure of the class is 2/3 lecture and the last 1/3 of the class he projects out pictures up for the class and we discuss them... what's good, what's bad, what could have been changed to get a better result, etc.

"I will make fun of you. I'm sarcastic and 66 and have no plans to change that behavior. The reason it's ok is because any mistake you could possibly make is one that I've already made.... and hopefully not recently."

We learned all about ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture (f-stop) tonight. He already gave us some great concrete starting positions on how to approach a photo so that we can start applying them for this week's assignment, which...

Pick a color (not white or black). That is my subject. 5-7 pictures where the subject fills at least 60% of the frame and most importantly.... NO BORING PICTURES.

I only know how much fun I've had by my scars and the metal in my legs.

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