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OH SNAP! The Whitehouse keeps it's promise to "call out" liars!

The Truth About Czars

I was really excited making this video, so I've got crazy hands. You've been warned.


Last week, when the President addressed the Joint Session of Congress in a speech on health reform, he referred to some of the untruths - okay, lies - that have been spread about the plan and sent a clear message to those who seek to undermine his agenda and his presidency with these tactics: "We will call you out."

The best part of this is that they finally did it. They used the word "lies." I didn't really think they were going to call people out and I would have preferred they do this during the Press Briefing, but putting it on the blog is pretty good.

The latest insanity that is being spread around is that Obama is a communist and is destroying the govt by creating tons of new "Czars" ... and since the term "czar" is a Russian term, he's clearly a communist and trying to destroy our country. It completely stupid! The term "czar" doesn't actually exist in anyone's title and the informal "czar" reference has been used for decades and by plenty of Democrats and Republicans.

Well, The Whitehouse just dropped the truth hammer and called five people out BY NAME. I LOVE IT.

Glenn Beck Claimed There Were 32 "Czars" In The Obama Administration. "The Brainroom counts 32 czars in the Obama administration, based on media reports from reputable sources that have identified the official in question as a czar." [Glenn Beck Website, 8/21/09]

If you don't know Glenn Beck... but, you're probably better off. He's currently THE craziest mother f'er on Fox News. He's actually spent time psycho-analyzing the architecture of Rockefeller Center and bending over backwards to imply that the news media that occupy those builds are communists. He's even gone so far and so crazy as to write a bunch of "random" scary phrases on a chalk board and then circle letters on the board to spell out other scary words like "oligarch" ... except that he sucks at spelling. Here, you have to see it for yourselves..

I may disagree with many of the opinions on FoxNews, but Glenn Beck is different... he's a complete freakin' nutjob.

The Whitehouse Blog goes on...

In Sunday's Washington Post, Sen. Hutchison Claimed There Were An "Unprecedented 32 Czar Posts." "A few of them have formal titles, but most are simply known as "czars.' They hold unknown levels of power over broad swaths of policy. Under the Obama administration, we have an unprecedented 32 czar posts (a few of which it has yet to fill), including a 'car czar,' a 'pay czar' and an 'information czar.'" [Washington Post, 9/13/09]

Ohhhhhh SCARY.... It's a load of crap. On the blog, many of the listed czars are shown to be Senate-confirmed positions. None of these people have "czar" titles. It's all just scare tactics.

Reality: Many of the arbitrarily labeled "czars" on Beck's list are Senate-confirmed appointees or advisory roles carried over from previous administrations. Others are advisors to the President's Cabinet Secretaries. Beck himself says on his own website, "Since czar isn't an official job title, the number is somewhat in the eye of the beholder."

Representative Issa got served for completely misrepresenting the truth as well... by Fox News no less which pointed out his hypocrisy:

Senator Robert Bennett gets called out for claiming that Obama's appointment of czars is undermining the Constitution... even though he pushed President Clinton to appoint a "Y2K czar." Hm, PWNED.

Senator Lamar Alexander gets called out for claiming that Obama's appointment of czars is an affront to the Constitution... even though he said on the floor of the Senate that he would welcome Bush's "manufacturing job czar." Hm, PWNED.

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