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Trip to the Yucatan Day 3: Coba, Ik Kil and Chichen Itza Revisited

On Tuesday, we woke up early and headed to the Ruins of Coba. Coba has had its trees and brush cleared away to give access to the ruins, but it has not had any restorative work done like Chichen Itza. However, one of its special qualities is that you can still climb the tall temple which is actually taller than the Temple of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza.

Ruins of Coba

Theresa expresses her opinion on a subtle topic.

The Temple at Coba is taller than the Temple at Chichen Itza and they have a rope strung up the stairs for some modicum of safety. It's incredibly tall and Theresa and I are both scared of heights. To make matters even scarier, but even more awesome, is that as we are standing here steeling our nerves to climb the Temple... the skies open...

It's tall.

... and a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR begins. You seriously don't understand the quantity of water pouring from the sky. From the very top of the temple, you can see over all of the trees.

Above the Trees

A view down the stairs

About halfway down the Temple, we managed to get enough courage to stop and take some photos.

Theresa is brave

Kenny is scared and not hiding it very well

After Coba, we headed back toward Chichen Itza and the Ik Kil Cenote:

Ik Kil Cenote

It was a day of facing fears and Theresa conquered another one. She can just barely swim, but summoned her strength and courage and made it out to the center of the cenote to experience the beauty first hand.


We returned to Chichen Itza for another opportunity to see the equinox solar event at the Temple, but the clouds defeated us by 5 minutes. The shadows were starting to form the snake on the temple, but the storm moved in and blocked the sun before it could form.

The jagged corners just barely starting to show as the clouds move in and dilute the light

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