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Skeptic: Free Will and Same-Sex Marriage

I know I said my previous entry was the last one about the Conversations with a Skeptic, but there was a major point that I wanted to address and somehow completely forgot.

In the previous entry I discussed at length the concepts of Free Will and Love and God. The Pastor makes the point again and again that without a choice, then there can be no Free Will and without Free Will there can be no Love. I don't want to belabor the previous points, so let's jump right in..

Let's talk Same-Sex Marriage

Do you as a Christian (or a Jew or a Muslim or any other religion) support same-sex marriage? I'm sure the answers are mixed, but some of you out there are vehemently against it. Whether you consider it an abomination to God or a violation of the sanctity of marriage it doesn't matter. If the question of Free Will is central to God's Love, then He wants people to have the freedom to make their own choices. The freedom to make the "right" choices and the freedom to make the "wrong" choices.

Same-Sex marriage has no victims. It involves two adults who deeply love and care for each other and wish to dedicate themselves for life in exactly the same way as opposite-sex couples. If you vote to deny this to same-sex couples, then you are denying freedom to these Americans. Jesus said to love your neighbor. How would you feel if the citizens voted to out-law opposite-sex marriage?

If you love your neighbor, then allow them the same freedom you have to engage in a loving and recognized marriage.

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