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9/11 Attackers Head to Trial

Sept. 11 suspects face battles in NY prosecution

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and 4 others are going to be brought to trial for their crimes in the 9/11 attacks. This is a good step, but still very complicated. They aren't bringing all of the attackers to trial nor are they bringing all of the people in Gitmo to trial.

They aren't bringing them all to trial because they don't have admissible evidence for all of them. The Bush/Cheney policies (more and more it appears to be Cheney) during the War on Terror, including torture, pose severe problems for actually bringing these cases to trial. We may KNOW that they are guilty, but the evidence was acquired illegally via Bush/Cheney policies.

So, what do you do? We need to clear out Gitmo and we need to bring these people to justice, but Bush & Cheney have really painted us into a corner. Yes, the Obama administration is bringing some of them to court, but they are cherry picking the ones that won't get dismissed on technicalities. I understand why... but it sucks that we're in this situation. Do you really want to be the guy that lets the REAL terrorist go because the previous guy screwed up the arrest? I go back and forth on this all the time. Rules and rules, right? If we were talking about just a domestic theft case, then yes the guy would walk on the technicality. Even a murder might walk on a technicality. Is terrorism and an attack on the US any different? It shouldn't be, but it certainly FEELS like it is.

In a practical sense, what would be the US reaction if the Obama administration released someone who then murdered more Americans? A great deal of the country would absolutely revolt, maybe even violently. But we do need a solution here. Indefinite detention isn't the right one. Releasing an incredibly dangerous terrorist because the Bush/Cheney administration screwed the pooch isn't the right one either.

They are releasing many of the people from Gitmo, though, don't get me wrong. It's happening slowly as they find countries will to accept them, but it is happening. The big question mark is about the prisoners who actually deserved it, instead of the masses of people rounded up and sold for profit to the US as "terrorists."

It sucks and there isn't a good solution.

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