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Woman Are Poisonous to Society?

I love it when Jehovah's Witnesses come to my door. *grin*

Today, they came knocking because they heard that Laura was disfellowshipped and were going to save her... but they found me.

They asked me the reasons why I was an atheist and why I disagreed with Jehovah's Witnesses. I gave my explanation about lack of evidence of God and said that one of the MANY disagreements I have with the church is that it is sexist. Thus began a 30 minute discussion of how their practices either a) aren't sexist or b) sexist, but in a good way because the women are happy not to have to shoulder the responsibility of teaching to the congregation. (Yeah, I'm sure they don't want to worry their pretty little heads about it.)

He tried to convince me that it wasn't a negative thing, that God just gave different gifts to men and women and God chose to give the gift of teaching the congregation to men. Through many different pathways, I led this guy to the following place... I said:

According to you, a woman preaching to the congregation would be so poisonous to God's message that it would be incredibly destructive to humanity.

To which he said:


That is how these people think. They want to believe they support a "separate but equal" situation between men and woman, but when it comes down to it they are lying. Jehovah's Witnesses are actually in the severe minority that they try to at least fake equality. Most other religions don't even make the effort.

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