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Silent Failures Can Die in a Fire

I love Ikea.

I love Billy bookshelves and Effectiv desks... my books are currently on Ikea shelves. I'm currently AT an Ikea desk. My clothes are currently hanging in a Pax Ikea Wardrobe!

I even own the god damned Ikea SONG!

Today, however, they have pissed me off.

Theresa and I went to Ikea to get a new clothes wardrobe for her to use when she moves in. They put together an order of all the relevant pieces and we happily went off to the checkout. We purchased the items which are back in the warehouse. Our receipt said, "ORDER COMPLETE" and we happily went over to the Home Delivery counter where we asked for all of it to be delivered to my house later that day.

First problem, but minor comparatively. The order was delivered to the wrong house and they had to go and pick it back up which ended with them delivering it today instead of yesterday. Not ideal, but I can handle it.

The real problem is that the order WAS NOT COMPLETE. My order page did not match up with the delivery manifest. They delivered everyone on their delivery manifest so they threw their hands up saying, "It's not my fault" and when I called Ikea they threw up their hands and said, "It's not my fault" because we tell you to double check the delivery manifest to ensure it is correct.

What happened?


Was I ever notified, "Hey, one of the 7 items on your order is out of stock, just FYI..." ? NO.

They just silently suppressed the missing item without notifying ANYONE. When I look at my receipt which lists 29 different items.... and my special order is 7 items long.... and after the 7th item on the receipt which actually has numbers along the side showing you how many items are on the receipt.... and it says "ORDER IS COMPLETE" in caps after the 7th item on your receipt... for your 7 item order....


But it's not.

People. When you design a system and there is a failure which would cause the customer to be VERY upset..... LET THE FUCKING CUSTOMER KNOW BEFORE THEY FUCKING GET PISSED OFF.

Silent Failures are the WORST kind of failure because you CAN'T FIX THEM BEFORE THEY CAUSE A PROBLEM.


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