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What is the point of 3D movies?

I watched my first modern 3D movie today and something occurred to me that I had never thought about.... first, let me give you some context on my feelings about 3D movies though.

Anyone who has heard me rant about "3D" movies knows that I'm no fan. For your amusement, let's begin with the first 1:40 of Aziz Ansari's opening to the MTV movie awards:


The reason why all of the other movies look REAL and already look 3D is because that's what our brains have been doing since birth. News flash: YOU DON'T SEE IN 3D. Each one of your eyes captures a 2D image and then your brain merges them together and produces what we perceive in 3D. As infants, our brains learn to distinguish shadows in each of these 2D images and produce for us a working 3D model. That's why optional illusion photos screw with our heads:

So, I already see in 3D, I don't need special headache inducing glasses to experience depth in my movies because my brain is the best computer ever designed when it comes to 3D interpretation.

But let me actually get to the realization I made earlier today. One of the things I have complained about with 3D movies is the stick-way-out-at-you gimmick. 3D movies usually have scenes with stuff that REALLY sticks out at you. That REALLY protrude out from the screen. I dislike these things because not only do they look obviously fake, but they break me out of the story. In a good movie I am easily engrossed. I forget I'm in a theatre and I'm enveloped by the movie. When these things happen, it slaps me in the face says, "HEY, YOU'RE WATCHING A MOVIE, ISNT' THIS AWESOME?!" but now I've lost my connection to the movie. People who are fans of the 3D technology have told me several times, "Oh, but this movie doesn't have that gimmicky stick-way-out stuff in it!"


I watched The Last Airbender this morning in 3D.... and this was one of those movies the people they were talking about. It didn't really have much in the way of stick WAY out at you so we can show you just how awesome our 3D is...

and thus the realization...

So, what was the point?

Most of the movie was essentially flat. It didn't really do anything that needed 3D. So, I had to wear glasses that were way too small for my head and gave me a headache... and I had to endure blurriness that would invariably happen during fast panning shots... and for what? What did all of the "3D" get me? Nothing. All it did was prevent me from truly being absorbed by the movie because I was constantly reminded that I was watching a movie by the glasses and blurriness.

So, what was the point?

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