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I've decided I'm going to have to learn html so I can spruce up my site. Everyone elses is much prettier!! And so.

Need to get into writing mode as soon as possible. My best work seems to come when I'm on vacation so now I just get work to give me more vacation time and I'm set. Or I could figure out a way to write around my dayjob. I like the first idea better but the latter idea is doable. I have been reading. I finished Glen Hirshberg's short story collection, "The Two Sams".(if I knew html I could italicize that title) Patricia Cornwell is a booksellers darling but I am struggling with her new book "Blowfly". I gotit from the 7-day shelf at the library and I'm pushing day seven now.

A new journalscape is up by Christopher Rowe, a talented Kentucky writer who is on the cusp of much greater things. I'll put the address up to his site but you will have to copy and paste it because I don't know html. Yet.

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