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I'm watching MTV Sunday morning before the NFL pre-game shows come on. It's one of those special shows they run like "My Girl/Boyfriend Doesn't Have Time For Me" or "I Went To Fat Camp". Shows like that. Anyhoo, this show is about "Friends With Benefits". This means that a boy and a girl are friends that have sex or as they say, "hook up occasionally." Not dating just buddies. Heh hah Ha haha.

Just some quick observations. They followed two couples around. It looked okay at first but then the truth came out. The less attractive person in each couple got jealous of the others being attracted to other people. It seemed that the "ugly" person in each couple actually wanted more but were just going along with the "friends with benefits" idea just to stay close to the other person. The "attractive" person of the duo said, "Yeah let's be friends and also have sex with other people. Cool?", knowing that they could get sex the next day. And the "ugly" member with no self-esteem said, "Uh sure.", knowing that if they didn't agree to this wacked out arrangement that it would be their next life before they had sex again.

Not that hard to figure out. One person in any relationship always possesses more power than the other and it's usually the better looking one. Bastards!

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