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Back To Hell, Demon!!
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Or How Do I Hate Thee, Let Me Count The Ways.

So I spent New Years Eve with my ex wife last week. And thus every fitful night since has been filled with nightmares. Maybe I deserve them. It was a cordial time together mostly blathering small talk. I must have been suppressing my anger or just plain denying it. I think what is most frustrating is that if I let fly with my righteous anger that she wouldn't get why I was so upset anyway. I need to go to Rage-aholics with George Costanza. I have trouble communicating true feelings sometimes. I don't want to hurt other people so I hold back and then it must build slowly in me. Instead of yelling or throwing temper tantrums, I take out my frustrations on food. I think that's it. Maybe. Now how to fix it?

I have some "Best of..." but I'm flummoxed at the moment. Later.

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