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Goodbye Mrs. Knopp
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There are only two ways to get me in a church twice in the same week. One was Christmas which I go to out of respect for my parents and the other was a funeral for a family friend. Francis Knopp was first a friend of my father at General Electric. She was older but mentored the young farm boy from Springfield. I don't know if she really mentored him or just talked his ear off because he sat close to her on the assembly line.

All I know is Francis was a hoot. She had a unique voice from which sprung her odd take on life. I liked her. She treated my brothers and me as little angels who could do no wrong. She did wear Prentis, her husband, out and the poor fellow left the earth early to seek some peace. She came to all of our weddings so the least I could do was attend her funeral. By the way Francis, sorry about my wedding.

I don't believe in afterlife at this particular time but I hope there is one for Francis. Just in case, LOOK OUT PRENTIS!! HERE SHE COMES!!

To come: Best of 2003 lists!

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