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We Salute You Captain Kangaroo
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One Morose Mother F-er

Bob Keesham died yesterday. He was 76 years old. While not a close friend or family member, I have fond memories of Captain Kangaroo and his show. Mr. Green Jeans, Bunny Rabbit, there was a Moose puppet too, I think it was Mr. Moose to follow the theme of calling everything Mister. "How are you today, Mr. Potted Plant?" Just good old wholesome fun. It took me to my late teens to think ugly thoughts of odd men that had childrens shows. Presto the Clown, Mr. Rogers, and I'm sure there are a plethora of local children show hosts that would appear unseemly to me now. But back then I loved the Captain and his cohorts.

Lit: "The Man in the Basement" by Walter Mosley + the BondGirl Journals because if I don't read them everyday I'll never keep up. Sometimes she posts twice a day! Now if she can only get Christopher to post twice a month. =)

Muzak: Eighties station--VH1 Bands Reunited special has me nostalgic.

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