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Cup Half Empty

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Man, has it been two months since my last whining, I mean posting? Need to be more "proactive" as they say in the corporate world. So, where was I?

I've seen some good flicks this summer. Spidey 2, The Bourne Supremacy and Collateral are my top three. I was sick during Bourne Supremacy and the fidgety camera work made me queasy. I'll have to see that one again. Another excellent job by Michael Mann. Spidey 2 follows the creed of making your character suffer.

I missed a Jolie Holland concert here in town at Uncle Pleasants. She's a founding member of the Be Good Tanyas. And my Dad enjoys her music. You can't get a better endorsement than a retired union guy who can't hear his own voice let alone the outrageous expensive Bose stereo he plays her CD on. :)

Work blows but I'm thinking of taking spanish classes to get me a cushy job in our international division. Does anyone know how to say, "What can the Brown do for you?" in espanol?

Writing exercise du jour: Write down one thing your protagonist would never say. Write down one thing your protagonist would never do. Write down one thing your protagonist would never, ever think. And then find that place in your story where that character must do that thing, say that thing and think that thing. (Courtesy of Donald Maas)

It's all about pushing your characters, people. Apologies on the absentism of Casa Robzilla.

Lit: "I Love My Smith & Wesson" by David Bowker

Muzak: Mercy by Ben Arthur Waiting breathlessly for the new Joss Stone CD

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