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Tandoori, pierogies, and gyros, oh my!
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flavor fulled

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Me am full of goodness. St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church threw an Ethnic Fair this weekend. Foods from around the world and Greek, Arabic, Ethiopian and Slavic dancing. Plus beer. MMMMMMMM I had my first taste of certain foods that I have yearned for on the Food Network. My menu was: an Ethiopian Sampler consisting of Alecha-Wot(Yellow Beef), Dor-Wot(Curried Chicken), Tebse-Wot(Curried Beef) all served on Ingera(Flat Bread). I tried Fried Kubie, Moussaka, Pierogies, Spanikopita, Tabooli, Grape Leaves, Tandoori Chicken and Tyropita. Not full meals just friendly tastes. Yum a dum dum. Oh and various pastries were taken home to eat later with coffee. Phyllo dough is so versatile.

I'm a lost soul Catholic. Not into the organized or unorganized religious sects but I love religous art and architecture. The inside of the church was handpainted from corner to corner. Rich purple and gold hues. A guide mentioned that the walls carried representation of the 12 Feasts. At St. Bernards, we had the 12 Stations of the Cross. I really enjoyed the peacefulnuss of the St. Michaels Church.

Lit: Maggie Estep "Gargantuan" also check out "Hex"

Muzak: Dave Attell "Skanks for the Memories"

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