the methods and means of procrastination

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Food is really the important thing here. I'm waiting for the boy to finish his working so that we can starts with the eatin'. The food is the thing.

Actually, the art is the thing. I hope to be leaving for some thing now - a new comic. Uh...that is if I can draw something that looks like a comic. It's really ambitous considering that I have never done anything serial but I keep coming back to the thought "wouldn't be cool if I succeed."

These are usually thoughts that get me in trouble. ;)

Sort of like the thought "if I rush I might arrive on time."

Other than that I've slacked with a vengence on my homework so far this quarter. I still find this aggrevating since I actually DO care about what I'm drawing, and I HATE my job. Or at least the job is not the main thing.

The art is the thing.


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