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Am I alright, Martin?
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So I keep coming back to Fight Club these last few days (that and fiona; little girl, big voice) and I'm not sure why. My psy class last semester produced this pearl of Jung:

If something keeps popping up, your subconcious thinks you need it.

I know there are other good movies out there, but that is the one that keeps swilling around in the martini glass called my head. Specifically: the scene when everything blows up. Even though it is probably no long pc to like scenes like that, it was such a great metaphor that I can't throw it away.

9/11 is now transmuting into one of those events that I no longer have my own reaction to, but am sounding out others to gauge what my reaction should be. [ ack. ] I get these, expecially after something horrid has happened. It's like my subconcious is done chewing on it, wakes up out of its "post-chewing stupor" to find itself in the dog house. Next I'll start talking about Mormons. :/

So. Mormonism. I current work with a number of Mormons. (once removed: they are in UT) I've only known a few other Mormons in my life. And I've sat through an Episcopal Presentation that characterized Mormonism as a cult or sect, i.e. not christian.

I approach mormons with caution. I attempt to treat them with the same respect as I would other religions. [read: I assume you are doing this for a reason; your faith has aspects that mine doesn't, lets map those out, shall we?] I always feel something akin to a low level anger about mormonism. I keep having to fight the urge to say - "you've been duped" to the intended victim. There are a few other things I don't understand about mormonism: Strong Women. Mormon women parishners are always stronger individuals than I expect. They have thoughts and actions and kids.


Does it make you strong if you purposely get under a load of rubble and survive?

Do you only talk to me because I am a woman? Would you be this outspoken if you were in the presence of men? Would I be?

Am I alright, Martin?

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