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I just wanted to jot down my impressions of my trip to Provo. I actually am journalling this many days afterwards, but I didn't have time on line to write much.

Everyone is a terriorist. Everyone I saw in the airport reminded me of those shifty 70's movie spies. That was my first few minutes of the airport. It eventually left, but I laughed when I caught myself doing it.

My favorite view during my trip was coming over the mountians at night to the SLC spread. It was like something out of a movie. Very beautiful.

Guru and I had a good discussion over Pittsburgh and what we want to do. We agree we can't stay where we are, but to my surprise, we also agreed that we could move before June and stay longer in Pittsburgh than at first anticipated. We must get out of ambridge through, asap.

The trip itself was very refreshing and has renewed my confort level with Pittsburgh. I think I will petition my boss for a trip away, the next time I'm feeling my travel itch. I'm not use to being in one place for so long. Though I hate to move.

Duality again.

All in all, it was a good break from my regular fishpond.

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