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War & Kaboke
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So, I'm an idiot. I just assumed I would fly out in the morning today, instead I leave this evening. No one is expecting me at work, so I'm now stuck between going in for a few hours, or hiding out here. I think I am feeling guilty but still staying home.

I hate guilt. It runs too much of my life. Except when it counts. I am more likely to feel guilty about an imagined slight, than the plane crash in NY. I am fearful of death, but I can't avoid it, so I will not live with that fear until I have to. The problem is I can't say this to someone who is greiving or who is suffering through an ailment.

[note: I have also never had anyone close to me die. <--inexperienced in greiving]

On to war.

I do have to say I am happy the northern alliance (united front) has taken Kabul, more so that it happened without a fight. I know this means more gureilla fighting in the hills of Afganistan (wehew) which can become very nasty, but the people of Kabul has been just abused for so long by different govermental powers, that it can't hurt to be able to get them food and clean water.

There is about 1/6th of the population of Afganistan in refugee camps. If guru's guesses are accurate, the population of New York and LA exiled to Canada and Mexico would be a good comparison. When 1/6 of your people run from you, you must be doing it wrong. These are the people that I feel we are fighting this war for. Nobody wants them, more come everyday. And these are the brave ones. or the desperate. The mothers with 7 kids. How many more want to leave but aren't able because of circumstances?

But now for kaboke.

The Oedipus Rex (show? play?) we saw the other night was really intense. I'm glad we got the good seats, since so much of the dramatic action took place with the tilt of the head, or the clench of a fist. It was really interesting because it was the original Greek translated into Japanese, and then subtitled (in the wings) into English. I've read the Greek in translation before this, and this interpretation did stay close to the orginal story. It was beautiful to watch because it was in japanese traditional dress, with tones of space and form thown in for good measure.

The greek motivation made as much sense as greek tragedy ever does. [The play begins because someone asks the question:"Why did this man die many many years ago, so long ago in fact that nobody really is worried about it anymore?"]

I agree with guru that the chorus was the most arresting part. I personally think that this interpretation approached the original intent of the chorus more than the western interpretations I have seen of other greek tragedies. Much more unified as one entity, or one creature with many mouths.

More alien


Really a good show.

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