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corona of the weekend
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I just want to point out that I hate stories like the one I just wrote. So self involved and trite.

Not much to say today. Planning for a visit to the Theater this weekend. Guru and I are planning on a night of Greek Tragedy and possibly sushi (for guru anyway). We don't get out half as much as I would like, both because there is not always something good to see in Pgh, but also due to money constraints. I think guru thinks the same thing, only about hockey.

But, then we both say we'd rather donate money to a good cause instead. Too bad we still need to buy things like cameras, dvds, etc. (These are all things I've bought recently)

I've just finished an excellent book by Jan Goodwin, Caught In The Crossfire which was what made both Guru and I think that maybe our money would be better spent elsewhere. Good storytelling considering the weight of the story she has to pass on. Pretty quick read. She's written a number of books about Afghanistan. We are hoping to pick up more of her books. I just started re reading the Fellowship of the Rings, in light of the quickly approaching movie release in Dec.

I think that is about it. Not much to say today, so I guess I need to get off to work.

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