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Oubliettes & Color Theory
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Just reorganized personal information onto a separate page. It involved a lot of html hacking, but that's something I like to do.

I realized this morning that I've picked the color themes of this journal based on what it's function is. Specifically, colors that speak of "action or agression" (red) and "alertness or attention outside the self" (yellow). Both of these are actually "tempered" colors, or colors that are blended with other colors to effect their emotional signal. The red is tempered with black. (sedate action) The yellow is tempered with red: orangey yellow. (attention tempered with action)

I think I chose these colors to keep myself focused on motion and my environment. I did it unconsiously. I tried out a couple of different styles before settling on this one. I have a weakness for spiralling introspection (more blue tones) which periodically gets me in trouble. It really does lead me to the wetlands of my internal landscape. It's actually the main stumbling block for journal keeping for me. To explore the oubliettes of my life is to become them. It can be very depressing and unprofitable.

So I had a dream last night:

I was home alone in a new house somewhere below Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh. It had a really nice sun room that had glass that curved up into a ceiling of sorts. It was all white trim/furniture/etc. Very cosy.

It was 3 am in the morning. I was wandering around in my night shirt because I couldn't sleep because Guru was still out. Yaga was in town visiting, and they were out and about. (I was in early because of work the next morning.)

I looked out to Mt Washington and noticed 2 square like structures (industrial) that had been built earlier this month. No one knew what they were for, something about airfiltering or something.

All of sudden they started rotating and changing (transforming) into 2 cannon like structures. They then started firing blue lasers out into the night sky. It was silent and coordinated.

At that point Guru and Yaga got in. I told them there was something funny about the structures, "I bet they are anti aircraft guns."

Turns out that Pres. Bush had secretly been installing anti-missle guns around stratigic cities around the continental US, under the term "homefront protection." What we had seen were test runs to confirm the guns were working. They were testing them at night, when folks were suppose to be asleep so less people would know. (They didn't give off that much light) We probably noticed them because we were directly below them. As an aside, I told Guru "maybe we should move into the city."

The Analysis:
So a couple of points to look at here:

Blue: blue is the color of understanding, introspection, or knowledge.

White: white is the absence of color. I believe it can also represent cleanliness, purity, new beginings.

A lot of the dream had to do with a few being watchful, where the rest were unobservant. It also had to do with secretive actions (happening out of site) that weren't necessarily bad, actually protective in nature. A large outside force effecting daily lives.

More on this later.

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