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Burnt Out
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I actually did write yesterday, but ended up deleting it because it was just a bunch of swearing. I feel much better after a cup of coffee, spooky movie, and too much left over halloween candy. *Urp* [What diet?]

Lots and lots of homework this weekend and a D&D game on Sunday, so it's too bad I'm all burnt out and stuff. I can tell I'm burnt out because I've come up with a bunch of different things to do this sat, not one of them being my homework. [including: practice viola, get new glasses, create an advent calendar on line, dullcote my mini's, watch movies, etc.]

The D&D Game is actually 3rd edition, so my 2nd level sorceror really sucks at the moment. I'd forgotten how hard it is to learn a system. The problem is that 2nd edition is so screwy, that I'm continually surprised at the minimum of quarks in 3rd ed. I probably should have gone with a different class. I had acutally wanted to gender bend, but the dm would not let me. (old school?) I personally think it would have solved a lot of issues, like bathing. It's actually a really good group, though we usually end up laughing so hard that we don't always get the plot. Lots o' fun.

[LATER NOTE: The dm actually did admit recently he felt bad for vetoing my fighter.]

I've decided to take a stab at rendering sigourney on the computer and showing it to John next week. I probably don't have time, but I'd like to see if the piece would work with out all the artwork in the way.

I had a pretty good chat with a fellow class mate who also felt John was being a bit harsh. [On the side: This chick is super groovy. Her art work does need to develop a bit more, but she makes up for it by being a bright star that is well dressed.] She gotz discriminating taste, so I don't feel she was feeding me a line.

Ah, but now I need to get to work, so I think I will make this short. Hopefully work will be the same.

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