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vit-mans and violas
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So, I find it mildly depressing that the majority of my great moods swings are really governed more by what nutrient I'm lacking than the reality happening around me. The theory that we are all physiological bags of chemicals may just be true. At least were sentient bags of chemicals. Thats always nice.

The modem came today. we will hopefully have dsl soon. I will then put my website back up - though probably in a new iteration. I've got 2 great classes this quarter - promotional design and mixed media. We are doing this cool self promotional thingy at the moment - which basically becomes a flyer so you can send out your resume. It is so much fun! I took some hours out on sunday and put it together. Mix media we are about to start playing with guache in a really intersting technique. We've been building up to it for 2 weeks. I hope it is not lame. Latin started today which was very cool. Scott did a pretty good job and we are doing a pretty good clip considering we are learning a language in a week. I remember when latin was this easy. I even had someone demanding definitions of vocab. from the front of the room. I miss the good old days. *sniff*
Work is work is work. It is meaningless and menial, and puts bread on our table. It is security and safey, and sacrifice. It is all these things and nothing important. I don't think I will ever be totally reconciled with labor. I think that is just a part of who I am. I have to have it, lord knows I go nuts with out it, but I can never really embrace it. So - I have no complaints about my job other then it exists. ya know?


got together with some of the old cropping crew this weekend. I'd like to say it was like old times, but it wasn't. It was new, and we are all in different parts of our paths now. aqua jog will probabably be firing up in the summer for me, so that will be a good thing.

I spend a lot of time now putting things off until after school. I think my schedule will be just as busy as it is now once I graduate only with different activities. i had thought to break out the viola tonight, but I think I'm too tired. I've got mozart on the brain.

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