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I don't really hvae much to say. It's just kind of nice not to have an agenda as I sit down to write. No great wieghty matters demanding to have my attention. The whole dnd/steelers/lunch conflict I saw coming down the pike today has been resolved. The dm apparently has the plague ("Does this anthrax smell bad to you?"), the family needs a rest, and the guru wants to stay in his hole to watch the game. So - i guess this means I'll be working on homework. I'm actually planning on making a quiche for dinner tonight too, not too healthy but it will be hot.

in between latin, painting, and work, I've been screwing around with PNC and now have an account on line. I want to move us so we are banking through quicken on line. I don't think this will magically squeeze more money out of our suffering accounts, but it at least will be more fun to play with. In case i haven't told you, we got a 10% pay cut for christmas, so now my small salary is even smaller. WEll, its tough all over. We are not really broadcasting it to the family, so we can avoid the a. worry, and b. comments. If we don't go under, I do believe it will be temporary. Either way, I still have a job for at least the rest of this year, which is all I really need to worry about.

I'm trying to decide what to do about my self-promo piece. it's going to be sweet. me and my instructor were giggling about it on thursday, which is a great sign with mr. opalko. so should I promote myself even though I don't want a full time job? .... So I think I'm going to try and scare up some freelance work for the latter part of the year, I'm just trying to find the right voice - not my "If you don't hire me you are a fool" pitch.

So the sermon by mary hayes today was pretty interesting - in that it was directed at pilgramage and "changing mind set" vs. changing your life style. Very INTERESTING considering my last entry. Funny how God will start repeating themes like that. At anyrate, her whole speil is that if you change your view - to approach a situation with faith that God will use you and your gifts; and here is the important part; he will figure out HOW your gifts will be used to his greater yada yada, (i.e. don't sweat it, just do it.) all will go as he wills. That is the part that I've not heard before - actually gifts by grace, not by works. Very interesting. I didn't think she did a very good job either,but I thought it was a interesting turn of thought, as it were.


So, I think I need to keep doing things like latin and reading. It seems to do wonders for my outlook.

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