the methods and means of procrastination

i always wear that sweater you knitted me. it keeps me warm.
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sleepy and contenplative
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So, I read yaga's journal entry this morning, and I've been thinking about relationships in general, and my relationship with guru specifically. My take on guru and my relationship is this:

Our love is like something warm and delicate, like one who has been sick for awhile, but the fever has recently broken. Where, the sleep is peaceful, but bought with a price.

I feel, after 5 years of marriage now, that we've finally worked through our issues like working a splinter out of your foot. It was small, yet painful, and worked out with fire and surgery. We still misunderstand, but we now understand why we misunderstand. So we now begin on level ground, no longer trying to push each other down.

We begin again.

This feeling of recover carries with it the knowledge that the pot holes are still present, the wind is still blowing, and there is a lot of road to cover before the evening is through, but that knowledge helps you to realize how valuable this sweater really is.

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