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so um... I think this is day 9 of this cold?


Ended up leaving early (I know, me, leaving early) around 1:30 yesterday cause I just couldn't hack it. I got a nasty headache as well as being completely wiped out. After yesterday's 'meals for the canadians'
I ended up sleeping for 2 hours then stretching out on the couch until guru got home. All I did was order food and set it up.

I've skipped class this week as well, so I'm not sure if this justifies seeing a doctor or not. Colds don't usually hang on like this to me. Especially since I have been sleeping and resting most of the time. (since I can't do anything else) So I am now beyond hating being sick and starting to play the gamble of doctor visit vs. getting better on my own. I'd be seeing the doctor so I could get a note for school. Otherwise I would just stay home and sleep it off. Since, a lot of things have gone away on their own.

The worse part of this is the 'burgh has gone into Spring, so it bright, and 72 and happy. And we are wandering around like zombies. There must be a better use of time.

My boss has been super great about giving me sick leave. She's llike - just stay home tomorrow if you feel this bad. At this point I was going to get the much needed shopping done (we have sprite and diet rite in the kitchens, which no one drinks anymore) and then get out of there, but I'm dreading it. The idea of slingging flats of coke around just makes me more tired.

I'm going to get some coffee and see.

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