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So, after 2.5 hours of sitting at the computer and taking care of silly ebusiness, I'm tired. Again. Note, this is also with 8 hours of sleep and 1.5 cups of coffee. I mention this because otherwise I would go on with my day. I keep having to remind myself that this isn't my usually grumpy tired, but that this is a sick tired, which doesn't go away if I get off my ass and do something.

so - one more day off, and one more class skipped, probably.

While I've had my moments of lucidity, I've chewed over the following topics:

1. time vs. money: Monday I sat down and worked out a couple of basic schedules and I've at least got an idea what I am and am not willing to do for the job/class/internship situation. In the end, my current plan of attack seems to be the best organized/balance of time, so I guess I will keep doing it. My favorite schedule, which would have me work only part time at work and internship, and full time at school, would actually be more hectic then my current schedule, and since I'm out of steam, its actually not very practical. :(
Especially if I'm not going on for the BA. I think that I have decide to put the BA discussion on hold until I've had a chance to do the internship. (the interview for that is next monday) I can't say that I'm satisfied (I hate not knowing) but at least I now know my limitations.

2. calories - My weight and health have come up to the top again - they usually do when I find myself inactive due to sickness or strain. In my scheduling I've put in an hour of exercise a day. My problem is finding something offered between 8 am - 9 am in the morning or 10-12 at night. These are the only times I have available at the moment. I'm looking to walk, bike, aerobize, or swim for 30 minutes a day, i.e. low or no impact because of my bad leg. I think this is the only way that I will lose the weight. My heart is just not in it. I get into these weird loops about weight - where I set myself up to fail, because what if I succeed?

I've studied and evaluated points in my life when I was "healthy" and I've concluded that I'm a group activity person, and I like to socialize during exercise - which puts me in a class situation most likely, or sports. That or step up the general activity in my life. (Italy had me very skinny due to walking every where. But that is another story.) A surprise for such a intervert.

Hee, I've taken all the on line quizzes, and read the articles, so I've done a lot of "mental" activity, but I've not *done* anything about it. Never thought I'd say this but I miss the days of PE at K. I also miss the maltballs.

I just kick myself for feeling fat when I was 16. What was I thinking?

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