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So we filmed chesh's thing this sat, and were surprisingly on schedule and done by 2pm. It rained most of the time, so both guru and i are now sniffling. I was horrible in it, I couldn't stop laughing. (Sorry - 2 guys rush me and try and take my purse (I have a purse?) I'm going to fight back.) Guru was much better at being a super hero.

Hanging out after the shoot, I've decided that most of those folks are aquantances, not really friends. If I was younger or it was earlier in my life, I might work hard enough to make them friends, but I look at them and think, god thats a lot of work. The whole conversation just never really jived. I think this means that guru and I are officially a dull couple. We are no longer (if we ever were) part of a group, like at K. All we have to do now is start watching game shows and telling people to get off our law.


Our godson had his birthday party today. Got to hang out with about 10 under 4 foots, and connected partentai. Had a good time talking with most of them (kids and grownups) set up a couple of dinner dates, and jabbered about ...well...life. Guru had a great time playing with the video games. Makes me think we should go to dave and busters more often.

Though I'm not ready to have kids, events like this make me ask, Why are you waiting? They are all so cool. All so different in their thinking and communicationg, just fastinating. Will he pick up the ball or the square? Will he climb to the top or roll around in the ball pool? Now that's entertainment.

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