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Although we did mostly running around today, we did manage to complete the deal with Moon Twp, and will be purchasing our new Taurus SE on Memorial Day. Although Guru was in near epilectic fits about "not being dooped" we were able to settle on a reasonable sum, and get the extended warranty. He really did try very hard to do this right, and I appreciate it, really. It just always freaks me out a bit to turn and find my partner hyperventalating about something. Of course, I was probably showing stress too - but unable to see it.

Part of me never expects to see guru ruffled. I'm not really sure why. It's not like my family was un-flapable, so it can't be because I'm use to it. My folks regularly went off for some reason about most things. I just associate guru with the soundness of his father. If you've ever met his dad, you know what I mean. Sometimes I forget he's got some of his mom in him too. I can say this because I take after both of my folks, quite obviously. <--admitted and recovering flake

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