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summer breeze before the heat
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Contemplative / narative
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I don't seem to have much to bitch, I mean, write about since I lost my job. All I would say would be a laundry list of things that are happening (or about to happen) in my life and my general emotional reaction to them. Today was a great day though. This is what life should be -- friends, food, car, rest, play, games. Days that give you a dry sheen of sweat on your face as you smile into the breeze. Summer days - days before the heat comes.

So we are about to gain a yaga and mizu in our habitat. After reading their journals for about 6 months, i feel I know them now as verbose text - personalities that you watch their turn of phrases and word usage instead of facial reactions and body languages. We of course have a history with the snuffaloupgous - which has morphed into something else then what it started as over the last few years. It is always interesting to see the direction that friendship will take this second (third?) time around. How many times can you meet the same person?

Boy I hope the curtains show up before they get here. :S

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So today started off with a new (used) car!

We picked up our pretty, clean taurus today about mid morning and took it for a spin around the ambridge.

We stopped off to show off the new wheels to the jern's and decided on a mini-golf outing later that day. We then took it for a trip up to cranberry, where we found that our plans were going to begin with lunch and THEN mini golf. There is nothing quite so fun as taking a 5 year old for his first "mini golf" game. I. was doing really good by the end of it. I was proud of him. Putting is important to me because it was one of the few things my Boppa was able to teach me that I agreed with.

And then we got to drive our car again. It was really a good day.

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