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fed up
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Well, Since my internship today is consisting of nothing, I've been doing a bit of news surfing and mildly amused and ironically disgusted by our political system. Or rather the politicians. God.

This is sad and inept. Especially after that. Word to the wise, don't attack the accountants that lied for you a couple of years ago.

I also find it amusing that the GOP's website is www.georgewbush.com. hee :)

But jesus people. Stop fucking up my country. Do your goddamn job. I don't understand why the two major parties in this country continually support canidates of no integrity when they have alternates. I mean, politicians should not be in the business of making money. They should be facilitators, great communicators, have a fucking spine. Not be corporate whores.

I blame the media. I blame them for whipping up the hype and allowing integrity to be compromised by spin. They are really a catalyst to a lot of the crap that goes on in washington.

Needless to say, this led me to start looking at the 2004 canidates. Can't come soon enough.

if only it were true.

McCain in 2004, baby.

Footnote: And this is just disturbing.

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