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Why can't we do cool things like this?


Well. It was not a good night last night. I'm not sure what happened next door, but it went from 3 pm when I got home to 1:40 am this morning - - raising in decibals between 12 and 1 am until the cops stopped by to make sure everything was ok.

I know that some familes (ok, most families) solve their problems differently then my family ever did, but jesus. I'm not even sure what our response should be to these loud, verbablly abusive, possibly physically abusive, crew next door. It's all extended family -- and they all go to grandma's house friday evenings, sometimes during the weekend too. Most people have reported the grandma isn't all there either - I can't tell what she is saying to be able to confirm that.

Cause we can hear them.

We hear them in their house, we hear them on their porch, we hear them when they are running around in the yard. Since it got warm, we have a little family drama unfolding in front of our windows (most of them, since 60% of our windows face their house) and its awful because you are always reacting to it. If I'm not listening to it to confirm what I think I just heard, then I'm studiously ignoring it.

I mean, I want my house back. The beautiful floors, the great landlords, the new appliances are all diminished by having to watch this live morality play out my windows.

And should I be caring about the players?
Probably Yes. At least for the kids.

How can I help the situation?
I have no idea.

The thing is, on a lesser degree, all of our homes here have had some type of yelling coming from next door. Every single one of them. (Well, except for the one with the pet pig, but we will skip over that) I mean, does this mean we should run off to buy land away from humanity so we can have a retreat from this crap? Or is it something that we can't escape? Something that still goes on in those distant neighbors' homes, but is more insidous because we can't hear it?

If anyone ever tells you that man is inherantly good, invite him to listen to his neighbors.

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