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sometimes I want to walk the street
behind a green sheet of glass

So, after all the swimming and walking around at night, I've picked up a head cold. I wasn't admitting this last night, until about 10 pm when I found I couldn't get off my friend's couch without strong encouragement. After receiving an extremely funny message from the yaga, we colapsed into bed, periodically interupted by my stacatto coughs and sneezes. Guru has been very nurturing and I'm feeling a bit better than I did last night. I did skip my last class (and 10% of my grade) but I don't think I could have stayed upright through mock interviews. :(

Also lost another 4 lbs this week due to swimming, and I'm happy to report that I got to put on my first pair of "your-to-fat" pants. I bought them on sale in March this year and can finally fit into them. I'm within 4 lbs of my 10% goal, so I will need to make some decisions in about 2 week as to what I want my lifetime goal to be (ww thing). I'm trying to decide if I should try doing it in 20 lbs sets, or just mark down the whole 60 lbs to begin with. The other thing is I'm usually a lot denser than I look, so it is possible I won't be able to maintain the weight suggested for my hieght. Well, I have 2 weeks to decide anyway.

Apparently my parents' kitchen has been destroyed by a water leak from the interior wall of their condo. This while the tropical depression is going through their area this morning. In awhile I will offer back the cash they gave me, in case they need it for the repairs. It was a very bad 13th for them.

The portfolio is now 80% done. I'm redoing a few peices and then will head off to kinko's in a stuper to get these things printed. I'm acutally feeling okay about it, since the bulk of the work was done last weekend. *phew* Still have to crop and mount, but that can be done tomorrow.

The good news for the guru is that we got tickets to see the steelers game this sunday. He is very exicited - might spend his birthday money on some toys for the game.

I can feel the closure of the summer approaching - and I'm looking forward to starting anew for the fall. I think I might revamp my website when I get time, to reflect my new logo and get away from the fish bowl, which causes arguments between me and the guru for no good reason. (like hyperboles)

Ok - getting a bit warm. Off to get some oj.

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