the methods and means of procrastination

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So this is my argument for assassination vs. war.

As I see it in the short term, assassinating a dictator (followed up with emense social reforms supported by the US government) will remove the major impedment to better living conditions for any given group of people. Guru has at this point said - that assassination is all good and well, but if we start doing it, they will start doing it.

My answer here is - this is an effective method to keeping the US Intelliegence agencies on their toes. It will also keep serious yahoos out of office -- using auto-darwination. Also - it gives the vice President something to be ready for. It becomes a really check to balance the power US presidents tend to use. (see Korean War, Vietnam conflict)

No I'm not serious...much. It just seems that if we didn't have enough intelligence (or people good at collecting intelligence) to stop 9/11, then can we really be sure that iraq is building up as much weaponry as the bush administration says? The Answer: Only if it is obvious -- which it might be.

What if there was a world where the populations of the world went with minimum threat of war, while the politicians spent their terms on the knife edge of assiassination? Capture the flag on a whole new scale.

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