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pumped up, psched
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I just rearranged my closet. It is currently in this order:

  1. "2002"
  2. Murky.
  3. 2001 Bridesmaid dress #1: ASVU's wedding.
  4. 1997 Bridesmaid dress #2: WMW wedding.
  5. 1996 Bridal Dress: My wedding.
  6. 1995 Bridesmaid dress #3: MCs wedding.
  7. Early 1995 Italian leather jacket I got in Rome. Was tight when I got it.

In July I couldnt fit into anything other than the first catagory. Im happy to say Im now somewhere in the 1998-1999 range. Im close to calling ASVU to tell her I can fit into her bridesmaid dress again. (Silly) Im really close to fitting into the 1997 dress too, but funny enough its my arms and bust line that are giving me trouble this time. Go figure. That hasnt been a problem for many many years! As soon as I heard that a dress size was usually 10-15 lbs, I raced home and started trying things on from my closet. Ive lost 24 lbs -- hitting my 10% goal this afternoon. My BMI should be about 50 lbs lighter, so I still have more to go, but its a good motivator to think that everything will continue to get better. I can only get SMALLER. Im going to have to keep buying clothes, but they will be in the other direction. Let me tell you, this rocks!

Another article of clothing I gained this afternoon was a striped sweater from the in-laws. I really liked it, but couldnt wear it comfortably last christmas. Less than a year later, Its the right size. The sweater they gave guru, which at the time I couldn't fit into, is now too big. Woot.

Its probably not health to think of weight loss in terms of age, or going back in my past, but it just seems natural to me. The chronological excavation of my body.

So I think I am going to go jean shopping this evening -- I got rid of all my old jeans, and jeans are to me, the ultimate gauge. I have no idea what my dress size is, but I live by my jeans size. Florida will be a blast.

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