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Context: home
Sounds: water running in the sink, guru whisling, the fish heater
Songs: prologue from west side story
Book: High Society
Film: Forbidden Planet (awsome!)
Actually you could add guru's cell phone to that list too. It sounds like the kids are up and so maybe we are going to do something. [maybe not]

Pothos is back home and I've been puttering around him this morning. Talked to a guy at the local petstore and found out that he probably has some type of fin fungus so started him on a new medication this morning. The guy also suggested mixing up a "batch" of water in a bucket that has the correct amount of medication and keep it on hand instead of trying to guess the amount of half a ml would be. I've also got a little batheroom heater running on the fish to see if the bubble nests we got earlier were just a freak accident or if he was actually happier in warmer water. So far he is being fishy.

The steel mill and surrounding environs were very interesting -- ambient. Everything was covered by graphite for some reason...everything was very large too. It reminded me at times of the set of a bad claude van dam movie. As always, we were able to see things because we brought no cameras, brought no recording equipment. If we had we would have been directed to take pictures of certian things and not other things. Mostly because of what a steel worker believes is important and represtative of his environment, but also because of what looks pc. (women and minorities working heavy machinary. happy workers. Happy damn it.) I mostly wanted to record some of the signs and the graffiti I saw and a number of striking images as well. Foo. No one every really leaves you alone in a place. And I'm intimidated by a camera, on either side of the lense. To control the camera is a skill I'd like to learn.

Looks like I've helped myself to a helping of python at zetaweb. This loose commune of web designers will begin bringing a few of us into the fold over the remaining weeks of the year, until hopefully we will be working for them as full fledge designers by january. At the moment we are all playing it by ear, which is very reassuring after so much change and upheaval.

But not for today. Today I may play some civ, watch a movie, read, knit, kiss my hubby, or explore my town...or all of the above.

Note: Forbidden planet kicked ass. It was one of the best classic sci-fi movies I've ever seen. Obviously inspired a number of shows, including star wars and martin the martian. Must see.

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