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Context: uss
Sounds: radiator, traffic outside
Songs: Overture from Candide + "Cool" Fugue from WSS
Book: Church & State I
Film: Quills

Quills was a very entertaining little story. I was quite pleased with its self-awareness. I think probably a good counterpart would be Reads by Sims. (though I hate to admit that Reads is good for anything) I think I will just start watching anything with kate winslet in it, i seem to like her even though she takes her shirt off for any old script. Especially if its morbid, demented, or says something about women's sexuality. Lots of good people in it. Very nicely written and performed.

I think I miss living on campus where each season some piece of theater was $3.00 for me to see. I don't need to see the grand amazing works that they show on the benedem or byham stages here. I'm thinking about looking up the public theater -- dra-ma done; dirt cheap. Even if it students, at least it might be interesting. Come to think of it, CMU is suppose to be very good in the theater department. Maybe I should start paying attention more to what they are putting on....

Holiday plans are all but tied up. I hope to wrap christmas by dec 1, so I can relax. Looks like we will make it with most of the presents and now that we have are travel plans worked out, its just a matter of following through. I'm slightly aware that the future is still rumbling -- just beyond the horizon. I don't know when I started dreading being still. There are some wierd self worth issues there. But the lunch hour ends...time to get back to the present.

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