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Don't let the turkeys get you down
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What I need right now is...more time.

An old adage that has been passed down in my family - well in that my momma told me not to let the turkeys get me down. This is the same woman that sent me the best thanksgiving gift ever when I was at college - a gobbling stuffed turkey. My family has a long history wrapped up with this bird.

So - had a near miss with a baby shower this weekend. We were soooo close - no more than 40 miles from St. J when we hit white out conditions on 94. We moved 4 miles in 1 hour according to guru. (I thought it was less than that.) So close. This is the first childhood friend to be expecting - the first "next generation" person. This "hurdle" shakes me somewhere deep. The distant rumble of thunder. I now understand how it feels to be the un-married when all your friends are getting hitched. Though lizbet is the first of us, I think it will only be a matter of time before more families begin appearing. And I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing. Hurry up please, its time.

Plenty of turkey and stuffing and rolls and potatos and pie! and such at the homestead. It was a very uneventful thanksgiving, even gifting us with beautiful nov. michigan weather. Except for having to get around, I was very happy to be back in the snow and the blow. It may be flat, it may be muddy, but it's a great place to live in the season. You are thankful at thanksgiving. You are elated at Easter. The season and the land breathe together in unison.

Now we are celibrating Advent 1 today. I think we are going to go find a christmas tree in the near future so we can enjoy it before we have to run away for the holidays. Have to gather my fish back from the kids. (as always more than willing to let me pawn my fish off on them at short notice) Clean the house. Decorate. Shop.

Oh, and most important, goof off.

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