the methods and means of procrastination

I got your nicodemus...
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Context: home
Sounds/Songs: deflature mouse
Book: jaka's story
Film: clockwork orange
What I need right now is...a definative answer.

I got your nicodemus,
sneaking in like a thief
at the night time watch.
I got your questions
about new life
in the middle of the night,
over coffee,
in a stranger's house.
waiting in secret
secretly waiting
you got nothing on me.

It's funny how the bible changes in your mind. You hear the drone of a bible story year after year, and then when you pull it up unbidden it turns out to use different wording, emphasize a different point, mutate out of your control. This is why I do not study the bible. It is a living thing that is eager to jump the bounds of written text. I may read it from time to time , but it never means what you think it means....for long.

Talked with tj tonight about helping out with the newsletter again at church. I'm not concerned with getting it together or out (with three of us, I hope we can get 1 act together) I'm more concerned with consistancy. It be so nice to get it set up so that it basicaly wrote itself. Hope to follow up with that more on friday. The function of this document should be to:

  1. communicate community
  2. define our parish for ourselves
  3. communicate news and events
  4. raise money
  5. not be a pain in the ass but a hand up.

And the like... Its so hard to say what this should be, but I don't think my job has to be that. I think If I can just help to get it out the door, it should be ok. All it needs is support.

I think you should come to the church in your weakness. We always fuck things up when we try and drive a stake through it.

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