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Christmas -- personal, past and present
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What I need right now is...is a doomsday device...
...since I got my cookies and a liedown already. I'm ready to conquer the world. I'm feeling centered and focused, but to no particular end. Whole.

Speaking of whole, or rather in one piece, Pothos made the trip to and from Mi a-ok and just got put back into his old bowl this morning. He's diving around his lily's leaves like a jungle jim - quite please with himself. I'm releaved that he made it ok and it was very cool to share our pet with the parents. He has now been dubbed the grandfish (like WMW's granddog, grandcat, etc.) or alternately, "blue fish." I learned the value of a hotwater bottle in cross country trips. I learned also that you can't say "no" to christmas cookies. And that coming home is excellent when there is a Steeler's game on. We are all happy to be home.

But really this is just a layover between flights. We leave from FL Friday to play "Christmas 2" with my family. We are hoping to sneak off and see two towers some afternoon - maybe go down to the shore and wiggle our toes in some cold sand. I like the beach in december. We spent the christmas before we were married down on the beach -- it was the first official meeting of the parents after we knew we were going to get engaged as soon as we could find a ring. These were the days of "so I hope you like him, because he is likely to be back ever year or so." It of course was no problem, but at the time it had potential. It was a very romantic christmas.

Back in the present, I had a last minute repreave from uss -- they will be extending my "non-internship" again, this time to around june. I agreed almost immediately, since my gut is telling me I'm not ready to leave uss. As I said to a co-worker upon being congratulated:

"I really like what I do here. That's my fundimental problem."

Hee. It is going to make my schedule interesting. But that doesn't matter now. I have a full 2 weeks off and barring any hysterics at home, I plan to enjoy them.

Things I want to do

This is a list I've been carrying around in my pocket to remind me of what is important for me this christmas. These are the things that would be gifts to myself if I could complete some of this.

  1. Haircut
  2. One more gift for Mom
  3. Contact SRsma about spiritual direction
  4. Call Office about Bulletin announcment
  5. Deadline for newsletter (jan6)
  6. Distrubution of Grace Notes
  7. Newwine Skins
  8. Workshops at AiP
  9. AES Student Loans
  10. Send Quotes to perspective clients
  11. Exercise this week with out a buddy
  12. Update pis-cis.net (work Journal, thumbnails)

I realized last night that Christmas to me should be seen as the new year. Or rather has to be. It is the redemption of the End Time celebration we have each year -- the reprieve. This year will not be the end of years. I think this emotional zig-zag is the reason Christmas can be so draining. At least for me.

I also now see that that the birth can only be redeemed by the cross. There can only be one reason for any of the christanity kitch to be important, and that is the remission of sins. There is so much that is not important in our religion.

I believe I will begin this new year by trying to hold up that particular lens to our actions, words, works, and believes.

Work to focus our intentions and serve through our weaknesses.

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